NASA Space Travel Inspired Poster Set

Like NASA and their all space projects? Then the following NASA space travel inspired poster set should meet your taste.

NASA Space Travel Poster Set

LilRedDotDesign, a British small studio designed the beautiful and futuristic art print set themed by NASA’s space projects. The poster series contains six different designs, each highlights a famous space project including Venus, Titan, Europa, Ceres, Jupiter and more. Furthermore, each poster depicts a fantastic scene with rich colors, various abstract and detailed elements, and elegant typography makes every project clear and straightforward. Moreover, the art prints are printed on high-quality heavy stock poster paper with high-quality ink.

NASA Space Travel Poster Set NASA Space Travel Poster Set NASA Space Travel Poster Set

The NASA poster set is available in three sizes, each set contains three of the posters. Each set is priced starting at $33.44. Like them? Head to Etsy for the full description.

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