The Cute Pac-Man Digital Art Prints

The battle between Pac-Man and Ghosts are continuing on, the battlefield will be moved from screen to your wall. Cool? Let’s take a look at the Pac-Man art prints.

Pac-Man Digital Art Prints

Pri, a Brazilian graphic designer created these adorable art prints inspired by Pac-Man, one of the classic video games. Each digital print depicts the classic game protagonist and his rivals from the game, and bright background highlights the cute characters. Furthermore, one of them also recreates the classic game screen that delivers the iconic blue maze, white text, Pacman, ghosts, yellow dots and more.

Pac-Man Digital Art Prints

The art prints are available in the form of digital files along with 5 high-quality sizes. Thus, you have to print them out using your own printer. If you want them, head to Etsy for their more details.

Pac-Man Digital Art Prints Pac-Man Digital Art Prints

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